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Highly Trained

Highly Effective

Our consulting and technical staff are well trained and equipped to complete a full evaluation of your energy needs. We use this information to customize a solar power system specific to your requirements. All aspects of our service and installation are performed in house by our highly trained team. This level of expertise and efficiency means a reduction in time and costs, a savings we then pass on to you!

We specialize in grid tie solar power system equipment and full installation services. We work with both residential and commercial clients at any stage of construction. We also provide solar power systems for RV’s, rural cabins and fishing huts.

Affordable Green Sun Solar’s turn-key one stop service requires almost no effort on your part. We pride ourselves in providing a product that is high quality and affordable. There are even financing options available! We are happy to answer any questions you have about solar power systems or to provide you with a free no obligation quote.