• The Evolution of Transportation

    Commercial Car Charging

    Parking lots are the new gas stations.

Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Attract high value clients and keep them for longer.

Invest in a Greener Future


People are the key to your business. Attract high income individuals with convenient charging.


Charge clients for charging services. They save money and you profit based on the split of commercial power rates.


While waiting for their car to charge, your new clients can spend time on your premises. 


Profit from additional client loyalty, all while offering a profitable additional service.

Wall Mounted Chargers

Pole Mounted Chargers

Pedestal Mounted Chargers


Easy Payment

Clients can pay with their phone or credit cards. When their car is done, they get an alert on their phone. Absolutely simple.

Multi-App Location

Major charging companies have interconnected their maps. Your charger will be displayed publicly for all EV drivers to see.

Availability Display

If your charger is available, anybody looking for a charger will see it. They can charge their car and wait in your store.

Price Point Setting

Charge your customers whatever you want for the service. From free to expensive, it's your call.

User Customization

There are multiple options for setting your system up for your clients. You have the power to make it perfect for them.

Made in Canada

Our winters require specific solutions. Rather than the standard plastic chassis, these systems are made with Aluminum. For Canada.