How Solar Power Works

Solar Panels Illustration

Solar Energy to Electricity

When sun rays hit your solar power system, the solar modules convert that energy into electricity.

Convert to Usable Electricity

The DC electricity flows into an inverter. This transforms the electricity into AC electricity which is usable for your home!

Renewable Energy
Solar Panels Evening

When the Sun is Shining

You will use your own electricity in your house! When the sun is shining, it simply looks to the electrical provider like your house is turned off.

Any excess energy that you produce will be sold back to the grid, they will buy it from you at retail rate!

When the Sun Isn't Shining

When the sun isn't shining your house will consume standard grid electricity, just like you are doing right now. You don't need to worry about a thing, it all happens naturally.

Power Lines

Look to the Future

There are many reasons to invest in a solar power system for your home: Financial, environmental, community leadership and others. One thing is consistent for all of our clients though, they are all looking toward the future.

Do you want to sell your house? Solar power systems add value and will make it stand out.

Do you want to save money on your utility bills or stabilize your cost of living? Solar power will do that.

Do you want to help the environment? Hey, this is the backbone of what solar is all about.

Do you want to set a precedence among your peers and prove that positive change is within reach? Solar power is a shining star upon the roof-tops!

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Residential Solar zoomed in
Commercial Solar riverside
Commercial Solar outdoors

Design with Intent

Whatever your goals, let us know and we will develop a solar power system just for you.

Solar power systems are not "cookie cutter" systems. Our design team and consultants will make sure that your system meets your goals.

Solar Panels

Financial Tools

We have made great relationships with other cutting edge companies like Burst Energy who offer additional methods to increase the return on your solar investment.

First of all, they have offered us a discount code for our clients and potential clients. If you sign up, just enter AGSS as a promo code, and you will get an even better deal!

They have also developed a program that will pay you for your power at a rate higher than you pay them for theirs; normally it is a full $0.01/kWh or higher! How do they do it? Well, you would have to ask them. 

The third program they offer is a highly variable unregulated option. When your system is producing more than you require (in the summer), you will be a net seller. You have the option to change your rate to a higher rate (approximately double) so that your net sales value are higher. When the systems production decreases during the winter months, you can simply request that your rate be decreased (when you are a net buyer).

Government Rebates and Subsidies

Residential Solar Rebates
Residential Solar

The government of Alberta has allocated money to help homeowners take advantage of producing their own electricity using solar power. Home owners can receive up to a 35% rebate on their solar power systems!

Along with plummeting prices and incredible financing options, solar power is more attainable than ever before.

Agricultural Solar Rebates
Agricultural Solar

For years Alberta has been proud of the agricultural communities' leadership in long-term technology investments.

Through the agricultural program, the Government of Alberta is providing up to a 35% rebate for solar power systems installed on farms! Saving money has never been so affordable!

Commercial Solar Rebates
Commercial Solar

Commercial solar power systems are often significantly larger than residential systems so the Government of Alberta has developed a solar power rebate program in parallel to the residential program but allotting larger maximum values of rebate that are available. The commercial rebate program is up to 30% or $1,000,000!

Adding value to your company has never been so easy!

Non-profit Solar
Solar for
Non-Profit and Charities

Non-profits and charities look after the less fortunate in our society. The Alberta Government has allocated up to 35% rebates for solar power systems to these integral groups. This can help stabilize future cost fluctuations and produce a positive social image.

ATB Solar Financing

ATB has developed a financing option for solar power system clients. It helps relieve the purchasing burden of the client, spreading the purchase over time at a competitive interest rate.

Residential Solar Financing
Residential Solar

The Solar Financing Program offers home owners a competitive rate of prime + 2.0% which can be amortized over 5, 10 or 15 years! All of the options are open ended, so they can be paid out early with no additional fees.

Agricultural Solar Financing
Agricultural Solar

The Solar Financing Program offers farms ($10,000/year income or above) a competitive rate of prime + 1.0% which can be amortized over 5, 10 or 15 years on loans up to $100,000! All of the options are open ended, so they can be paid out early with no additional fees.

Commercial Solar Financing
Commercial Solar

The Solar Financing Program offers Alberta businesses a great rate as low as prime + 1.0% which can be amortized over 5, 10 or 15 years on loans up to... well how big do you want it?